The Fourteenth Amendment And The 13th Amendment Essay

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The United States Constitution consists of 27 amendments. Each amendment was written for a specific purpose. The three amendments that I believe are very important to the United States Constitution include the 8th amendment, the 4th amendment and the 13th amendment. These three amendments help to protect the rights of American citizens and make sure that all rights are equal. The 8th amendment prohibits excessive fines and bail, and prohibits cruel and unusual punishment. The 4th amendment prohibits unreasonable search and seizure of property. The 13th amendment abolished slavery. These three amendments have helped to shape America and the way that government runs the country. The 8th amendment prohibits the federal government from imposing excessive fines, bail or cruel and unusual punishment. The eighth amendment was adopted to the Bill of Rights in 1791.This amendment was created to ensure that the punishment matches the severity of the crime. The eighth amendment is almost identical to the part of the English Bill of Rights. The 1689 English Bill of Rights expresses the idea that excessive bail or fines and cruel and unusual punishment are unnecessary. This clause was added to the English Bill of Rights after judges were setting bail at unreasonable values in order to avoid defendants from being released due to Habeas Corpus. Bail is determined case-by-case, which helps to ensure that the defendant is present during the trial. Before bail is determined, the court, the…

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