Essay on The Four Wrong Policy Drivers

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Before I mention three points that I saw as important, I would like to say thank you for presenting this summary to the class. I’ve order the book, because I feel that Fullan ushered in some very valuable concepts that will benefit me as I move forward in a new phase of my career as an administrator.
The first important point for me from this summary of Michael Fullan’s book by Jenn David-Lang in The Main Idea, were the four wrong policy drivers. I agree with Fullan in that a principal needs to possess the ability to motivate their staff. However, in chapter 2, Michael Fullan points out “four wrong policy drivers” (Jenn David-Lang, 2014) that will cripple a principal in their critical skill of motivation. The four wrong policies include accountability; individualistic solutions; Technology; and Fragmented strategies. As Jenn David-Lang, took the time to summarize these wrong policies, there shortcomings became very evident. For instance, I agree that accountability alone will not lead to people to meet the “measures at any cost” (Jenn David-Lang, 2014). This was evident to me with the California state standards and the CST’s that were developed to gauge student progress. Schools and teachers were spending weeks of their instructional minutes not teaching curricular material, but instead teaching directly to the test. All with the attempt to improve the school 's status. I strongly agree with Fullan, in that, improvement in accountability will be more apparent if…

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