The Four Types Of Parenting Styles

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Parenting styles where brought up a lot in class. As discussed in class there are four types of parenting styles and they are: authoritarian, authoritative, permissive, and unresponsive or neglected. We discussed the qualities that each parenting holds and how they affect the children. When we talked about authoritarian parent style, the first person that came to mind was Red Forman from the television show That 70 Show. It is one of my favorite shows, and one would argue that Red is a great example of authoritarian parent based on his controlling over his son Eric and his unconditional love towards him. Every time Eric makes Red mad, Red would reply to Eric about how he will shove his foot in his ass. Learning about the different parent …show more content…
Growing up we had numerous pets. We had birds, turtles, lizards, and dogs. I learn to love animals growing up, my appreciating didn’t stop as later on in high school I join the Pet Club and basically a club focused about teaching others how to take care of pets. During holidays such as summer my parents were alright of me taking care of the school’s animals. So I had snakes, chinchillas, and guinea pigs over at my house. This is important because I wouldn’t be this extraverted when it came to interacting with animals if I had parents who did not like pets or was just allergic to dogs. I pondered on this idea because I know my aunt who hates dogs for some reason, my cousins on the other hand love dogs, Whenever, they come over to visit us they sneak away from the mother to pet my dogs. They know that the mother will spank them if she caught them petting the dogs. However, my uncle is different, encourages the kids to interact with my dogs because he knows they would not have the same opportunity when they go home. My aunt is very controlling but my uncle is kind of the opposite, promotes exploration. My uncle usually works but makes time for the children, he is the breadwinner meanwhile my aunt is stay home

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