The Four Stages Of Cognitive Development Essay

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Piaget’s Theory
Well known French psychologist, Jean Piaget, developed a theory, which is known as the four stages of cognitive development. The stages start from when a child is born up to the age of twelve, or preteen years. According to, this source states, “Piaget (1952) believed that [these four stages] are universal-i.e. that the same sequence of development occurs in children all over the world, whatever their culture (McLeod 2009).” To continue, I will elaborate and explain each of the four stages, and current perspective on Piaget’s theory.
The first stages is called, sensorimotor stage, which occurs when the child is born until two years of age. This is the stage, in which, schemes are based on one’s perceptions and behaviors. Jeanne Ormrob eighth edition of Educational Psychology Developing Learners, defines a scheme and states, “organized group of similar actions or thoughts that are used repeatedly in response to the environment (27).” In other words, a very young child will act or think repeatedly to their current environment. For example a child will think about his or her pacifier if the object is around the child. Another ability a child gains from this stage is the trial-and-error experimentation with physical objects. This is the ability a child can determine the properties of an object from exploring and through manipulation; similarly, a child will learn the concept of object permanence, or the realization objects exists even when…

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