Informative Essay On Breast Cancer

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As a female I am frightened by the idea that I have a one in eight chance of being diagnosed with breast cancer. Breast cancer specifically is one of the most intense and common cancer in the United States. Whether you are a man or women being diagnosed with breast cancer is frightening. It is a scary thing to have such a high chance of developing the disease, which is why everyone needs to understand what breast cancer is, what the four stages are, treatment, and statistics about breast cancer.
Each year there are an estimated 2,300 new cases of breast cancer in men and about 230,000 in women. One out of eight women are going to develop breast cancer during their life, that is shocking to me. Because this disease is genetic, a person with a family history of cancer is even more likely to get it. Other risks are a person’s lifestyle, for example how much exercise a person gets, also a person’s environment, meaning if a person is exposed to radiation they have an even higher risk. Age is another major risk factor. Breast cancer is more common for older women than younger.
Breast cancer is the second most common form of cancer, next to skin cancer. The most common form of breast cancer is called ductal
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Radiation will most likely occur after surgery. Radiation therapy is a treatment with x-rays or particles that destroy the cancer cells. There are two types of radiation therapy. External beam radiation which is where a person will receive the treatment through a machine outside of the body. Internal radiation, also known a brachytherapy, is where a radioactive source is put inside the body for a small amount of time. Radiation can be used in a few situations, usually after surgery to help decrease the chance of the cancer recurring. It can be used after a mastectomy, but only if the cancer is larger than five centimeters, if the cancer has spread, or if the cancer was found in lymph

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