The Four Resource Model By Freebody And Luke Essay

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The Four Resource model was created by Freebody and Luke in the 1990s as previous literacy models were essential, but not sufficient. Previous approaches include the skills approach, whole language approach and genre approach (Anstey, 2002). The Four Resource model assists with the development of the ability to analyse tasks, solve problems, identify resources and self monitor which are essential to being a competent reader (Anstey, 2002). This model aims for balanced content for the development of resources used in reading practices (code breaker, meaning maker, text user and text analyst) (Anstey, 2002).

The first part of the Four Resource, code breaking, requires using semiotic systems used within texts to make sense of the “marks on the page” (Anstey, 2002). In English, these “marks on the page” are the alphabetic codes. If the code cannot be broken, the reader is unable to understand how these parts work in combination and individually, and thus cannot make meaning from the text (Anstey, 2002). Knowledge of relationship between letters sounds and symbols are essential to decoding texts. Phonics are just one way of understanding these relationships and are used as a way of breaking the code of texts through decoding and encoding. Many videos to assist with learning phonics, such as Jolly Phonics, can be easily found on YouTube. Code breaking is the foundation in the Four Resource model because if a reader cannot successfully break the code of texts initially, it would…

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