The Four Loves By. Lewis Essay

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The four loves by C.S. Lewis is a Christian book which is one of the famous books written by Lewis among his last books. Lewis looks at the topic of love and describes it using the four Greek words; Affection-storge, Friendship-philia, Romantic Love-eros and Charity-agape. The main thesis of the book is that love ceases to become love when it becomes a god and love is due to this can becomes a demon. Love is a lovely gift from God but sometimes people are willing to serve love as the whole purpose in life (Lewis, 34). This happens especially when people are immersed in love pleasures or obey the voice of love that demands to be worshipped like a god. However when this happens, then love becomes a demon which can turn against the person. Lewis explains that when we put God first instead of love then we can enjoy love in its rich and sweet perspective.
One theme that is most recurrent in this book is the love of God. Lewis explains that human beings should strive to love God. The love of God is more important than any other love according to the author. When one feels love for God, then he becomes a more charitable person. Lewis emphasis charity love is the love for someone else not because of whom that person is but despite what that person is not. He explains by giving an example in which he states that every person has an unlovable trait (Lewis, 123). It is easy to love someone whose such traits are buried but when those traits are displayed then it…

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