Essay about The Four Functions Of Management

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So for this reality paper the person I am interviewing is Laura Grant. Laura Grant is the HR manager at Target. Now I also work at the same store that she works at. I work as an electronic sales associate. I interviewed her on how she and the organization use the four functions of management.
First, lets talk about the four function of management. The four functions of management include planning, organizing, leading and controlling. Now lets define these four functions of management. First, Planning is to decide on organizational goals and how to achieve them. Next organizing is to determine the best allocation of resources and people. Further more leading is to motivate, instruct and supervise workers. Finally controlling is to analyze business activities and to make sure the tasks get completed and identify the areas of improvement.
Target uses all of these functions of management within the organization. First I am going talk about how they use planning at target. There are many ways that planning is used in our organization. There are organizational goals that we are trying to meet and then there are daily goals that we have to meet. And to meet these goals you have to plan for them. Without planning you can’t achieve these goals. Typically a manager will make a plan that is designed to achieve some organizational goal. Such as increasing sales or improving customer service. For example, at our target store in our electronics and entertainment department sales are 20%…

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