The Four Functions Of Management Essay

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What does a manager do on their daily basis? Beside from yelling, screaming and telling employees on what to do, there is a further depth of doing a manager job. Vast majority of managers often practice and perform on the four different functions known as planning, organizing, leading and controlling. Somehow, most employees only see managers acting on the last two functions of management: leading and controlling. What employees often do not see is that every manager spends a good deal of their time planning and organizing so they can effectively carry out the functions of leading and controlling. Every manager will enact upon the managerial roles; just that every manager does is slightly different and not a lot of employees recognize it. For instance, whether it is a manufacturing plant, a factory, a fast food restaurant, a clothing store, a hotel or even an amusement park; all managers use the four functions of management to achieve organizational success. The four functions of management help to provide an effective way on what are needs to take to become efficiency, and being able to reach to an organizational goal as quickly as possible. It is a process where each step builds on each other, whereas, managers must first plan then organized their plan, lead employees to work towards the plan, and then evaluate the effectiveness of the plan.
In the interview with Bao Hy of Pearl Marble & Granite Co., he plays the role of a supervisor, manager and salesman. Pearl Marble &…

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