The Four Films Serve Our Historic Visualization Of The Past 's Realities

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The four films serve our historic visualization of the past’s realities. What the four films share strongest are the representations of African Americans in the past, and what we can see as immoral today. The earliest of the four films Within Our Gates by Oscar Mischuax depicts a lot of these historical messages/representations that all four films share. The title says it all, it brings an inside perspective of what it would have been like as an African American in the 1920’s. During this race film era we have the infamous Birth of a nation that paved the way for false black stereotypes of the future. One of Mischuaxs soul purposes of his film is too respond to D.W. Griffiths Birth of Nations false representations of the south and blacks in general. What Mischuax does best in his response in this silent film is producing the true depiction of whites and blacks during this time period. Whites especially in the south were extremely prejudice, racist, and violent towards African Americans at the time. During a lynch mob scene we get a depiction of the early 1920’s white southern society. The buildup of the lynch mob scene begins with an African American tattle tale known as Efreme. Efreme falsely accuses the main characters father Jasper Laundry (a sharecropper) of murder of a man Gridlestone who is the plantation owner and boss of Jasper Laundry. Efreme gossips to the whole town of the false news and a lynch mob is formed. The search of the share cropping family Laundry’s…

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