What Is Emotional Intelligence In The Workplace

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Intelligence is often linked to logic and rationality, which is why the term emotional intelligence sounds like an oxymoron. An organization, on the face of it, seems to exist to make financial gains. However, one shouldn’t forget that an organization is a group of human beings, not machines alone. We are emotional beings; therefore, emotions cannot be left outside of the workplace, which necessitates the ability to be able to control our emotions. This is what emotional intelligence is about. It is the ability to understand and manage our own as well as others’ emotions. If emotions are not understood and managed accordingly, they can worsen a person’s behaviour and job performance. For a confirmation of the fact that emotions affect our attitude and behaviour in the workplace, I was privileged to have an employee’s word for it. An interview with my friend who works at Wal-Mart provided me with an instance of the need and importance of emotional intelligence in not only our personal lives, but also in our workplace.

When I questioned her about her emotions, she took time to realize that most of the incidents in her workplace were merely a consequence of misunderstanding of emotions. She chose to talk about the most recent one. In her
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Also, the hierarchy that these dimensions follow was also distinct in her story. It is important to be aware of one’s own emotions and manage them before you can aptly recognize other person’s emotions to handle them. In my friend’s case, she was aware that she was frustrated with her coworker but she managed to be calm. Then she sensed that the boy wanted to look like a know-it-all and she let it be after doing the needful to avoid improper work and conflicts. In my opinion, if one cannot tune into their own emotions, you cannot read other people’s emotions

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