The Four Culture Beliefs Of Sam Essay

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The four culture beliefs of Sam’s are respect for the individual, service to our customers, strive for excellence, and act with integrity these help the company stay strong with people. Having respect for employees and its customer is a great way to show that a company not only cares about the money being made but the people contributing. This culture belief started when the company was small as a way to show its employees and customers they are valued. Ways to show respect is by listing to its employees and then being able to communicate back to them the results. Sam’s has a Sundown policy this is when an employee voices their issues to members of management the manager has until the end of the day to give that employee an answer.
Service to the customer is one of the main goals in the Sam’s organization. This is the foundation of the company they are retail and the way money is make is be providing product to the public. Making the customer the first priority of everyday sales is a part of the culture. They service them by the support from the employees. Sam’s is known for some charity work this outside of retail service is a way to services the customers and community their stores are in. when a large retail like Sam’s moves into a community they need to show the community that they are there to help in many ways than one. Sam’s are known for low prices this is a way to show that they want your business by making the product easy to afford. Some employees that work for…

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