The Four Components Of Becoming A Teacher

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Becoming a teacher has always been a dream of mine because of my love for kids. I believe I will make a great teacher when using these four components: professionalism, beliefs, guidance, and involving families. These four components help with becoming a good teacher, colleague, and person. Using these four components is my way of knowing I will be the best teacher I can be and to not give up on my dreams. It will also help me to make sure my students don't give up either. Professionalism plays a big role in teaching because it is what makes me a teacher. To have specific skills or characteristics that make my career worth it. Thinking about what personal values I could bring to teaching, the first thing that comes to mind is becoming their …show more content…
But guidance can go into different directions depending on the relationship. I would like my relationship with my students to be like I am their classroom mom, that they can count on me when they are having a hard time learning. I know there will be off days in the classroom where students will misbehave and I have to handle it carefully. I would have a positive guide on misbehavior and handle it efficiently. I would do so by talking to them with a calm tone and explain why they are sitting down talking with me and explain why what they did was wrong. Another positive thing I might do in my classroom is have behavior charts for them to fill out at the end of the day, and if it's bad behavior to talk to them and their parents about it. Also with the kids that had good behavior is to reward them so they know to keep up the good behavior. I want to build my relationships with my students so they know I care about their needs and to help them succeed. I always want to come into class with a positive behavior because I believe it will help my students be positive as well. I believe if nothing that I thought of works, I could find new management techniques or have a good relationship with the parents to see what we can do to better the

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