Essay about The Four Branches Of Palmistry

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A person’s character can be revealed by simply looking at their palms, and the shape of their hands.
Every element from the texture of the skin to the gaps between fingers and the patterns made by the lines on the palm, tells its own story and defines the individuality of a person.
What is palmistry?
Palmistry enables you to discover a person’s character and the events of their life by interpreting the shape of their hands and the formation of the lines on their palms. It can be remarkably accurate, so much information about us is stored in our hands. Is palmistry an art or a science? It can be considered as both, because it combines the intuition and sensitivity that are often part of art with the knowledge and experience that are required to practise a science properly.
The Four Branches of Palmistry
Originally palmistry was divided into two sections, known as chirognomy and chiromancy. Chirognomy is the art of reading character from the shape and size of the hand, fingers and thumbs, whilst chiromancy is the art of reading the lines on the hand. These two original branches of palmistry have now been joined into contemporary fields of study, known as body language and dermatoglyphics
The History Of Palmistry The number of hands painted in prehistoric caves suggests that the human hand held interest for humans since the Stone Age. Archaeological discoveries found hands made of stone, wood and ivory by ancient civilizations. Laws and practice of hand reading have…

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