The Founding Of The Jamestown Colony Essay

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The founding of the Jamestown Colony in 1607 was an incredibly difficult feat that could not have been accomplished without the sacrifice and grueling work of the settlers. They left relatives, acquaintances, and most of what was familiar to them behind and braved the rough sea voyage to the New World. When they reached Virginia, the colonists of Jamestown were forced to construct shelters and procure what they needed to survive, in addition to adjusting to an unfamiliar climate. They also needed to establish and maintain a friendly relationship with the Native Americans, who aided them in the first hard years of learning how to live in America. The prosperity of the Jamestown colony was achieved by the stamina and resilience of its settlers.
In April of the year 1606, King James I of England granted the London Company permission to colonize southern Virginia. On December 20, 1606, the London Company sent 100 settlers to Virginia on the Susan Constant, the Discovery, and the Godspeed. After a brutal journey of five months at sea, the settlers disembarked near Chesapeake Bay, Virginia. There, they founded the Jamestown colony, named after the monarch that had authorized the expedition. The voyage, however, was not the only difficult part of settling in the New World.
The settlers’ lack of skilled leadership caused numerous difficulties even from the beginning of the colony. Their most obvious error was choosing to settle in a marsh full of disease-bearing…

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