The Founding Fathers Of The United States Government Essay

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The United States government has three branches; legislative, executive, and judicial. The founding fathers created these branches in order to separate power. During our founding, our founding fathers feared a tyrannical government so they put into place a set of checks and balances in order to prevent one from forming. Checks and balances are when one branch of government doesn 't let another get too powerful. There are several examples of this but to put it simply, there is a set amount of power and all three branches has to get that power from the same set amount. I will go on later and show examples of the checks each branch has on the others. Naturally, each branch wants more power but in order to get it, they have to take it from another branch. The founding fathers knew that if you give a man power he won 't stop till he has as much as he can, so they decided that they will make three men (branches) fight for it. The rules that each branch have to play by are explained in the constitution, now while it is possible to change the rules (amend the constitution) it is extremely hard and has only been done 27 times in over 200 years. All three branches have to know and play by theses rules in order to get more power or are at least that was the way the game was designed. One branch has found a way around this and ultimately making themselves the strongest branch of the three. The judicial branch, which is led by a panel of nine judges called the supreme court, has found a…

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