The Founding Fathers And The United States Constitution Essay

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On September 17th of 1787, a group of men to whom we call “The Founding Fathers,” wrote one of the most famous documents; The United States Constitution. The goal when writing the constitution was to help better American lives by creating a set of Ten Amendments that grant basic rights to all citizens. The Founding Fathers essentially took pieces out of other famous documents like those of The Magna Carta (1215), The English Bill of Rights (1689), and The Virginia Statute of Religious Freedom (1786) to help conserve rights to everyone (Hardy 8). As time went on, it became clear that the amendments originally written were not clear and the interpretation needed to be changed. “Overtime, Supreme Court justices began to follow one of two courses of thought on how to interpret the constitution-one group believes the constitution as a flexible document reflective of the society in which it is interpreted, the other believes it is textual and society should conform to it. One side also favors stare decisis or ‘to stand by things decided,’ while the other side favors judicial activism and pragmatism” (Quezzaire 10). It is debated how to interpret the constitution, whether it should change as society requires it to or if it should stay the same. Some believe it should be interpreted as a “living document,” or the interpretation that assumes the constitution is a living document, and is flexible in its language and limits (Quezzaire 8). Others believe it should be interpreted as…

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