The Founder Of Founders : A Great Fan Of The Thrill Of Adventure

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Founders Academy was created a little over a decade ago for the outcasts of society. The people that just never quiet fit anywhere else either because they where born different (mutants), they made poor choices, or they just had a personality that no one else seemed to be able to tolerate. These people where welcomed at Founders and given a second chance and some might even say something like a family. The founder of Founders was an eccentric older woman with a kind heart and a free spirit named Felicity Felix. She had always been a bit of a free spirit preferring to blaze her own path in life rather than confirm to society’s narrow minded views. Indeed from an early age she decided she was going to give the narrow minded bigots of the world the metaphorical bird and live her life exactly as she pleased. For years Felicity spent her life traveling the world. She loved to visit other cultures and was a great fan of the thrill of adventure. During her travels she met Charles Xavier and began what would be something of a life long aquaintance (if not outright friendship). It was through her connection to Xavier that she decided on her life’s greatest adventure. You see she had always admired the work Xavier did with his school and when she finally decided to settle down she decided that she would follow his lead and open a school of her own. Now despite taking her inspiration from Xavier’s School Felicity knew right from the start her school would be different.…

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