The Founder For An Autism School For Children With Autism / Asperger 's Disorder

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Someday I hope to be the founder for an autism school in Jackson County, North Carolina to help children with Autism/Asperger’s disorder. I plan to call it, “School of Smiles”. Children with Asperger’s are unique in their own special way; as many people think they are weird but these children are just wired differently than most kids. definition (“Asperger’s is a neurobiological disorder that is part of a group of conditions called autism spectrum disorders. The term “autism spectrum” refers to a range of developmental disabilities that includes autism as well as other disorders with similar characteristics.”). Most kids are diagnosed after the age of 3 because they show a slow progress in social skills, speech issues and mannerisms.
The number one struggle with Asperger’s in a child is ability to have social skills; this is where I hope to help these children lacking in this ability. I plan on having a variety of social skills programs that starting at age 5 and continuing through teenage years. These children need all the help they can get to help balance everyday life issues and if you get help early in life these issue can be minimal as they become adults. The way I plan to set the programs up is on different days so any child can attend one program and not miss another. If they have social skills on Monday they will have sensory skills on Tuesday and so forth. I want the children-adults to learn business aspects and how to handle the workforce and…

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