The Foundations, Principles, And Protocols Of Anthropology And Women Studies

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The Foundations, Principles, and Protocols of Anthropology and Women Studies The Liberal Arts has a large variety of disciplines ranging from Social Sciences to the English language. Anthropology is the study of different cultures as well as the way human beings interact with each other in their own society. Anthropology also focuses on the many different aspects of what makes a society such as morals, traditions, and societal norms. Each society is different and anthropologists study these societies in order to understand them. Women’s Studies is a broad subject that focuses on women, their history, societal roles, and the way they think. There are several different aspects to women’s studies such as romance from a woman’s perspective, a woman’s belief on women’s rights, as well as several other aspects. Both Anthropology and Women’s Studies have foundations, principles, and protocols when it comes to understanding the ways in which interdisciplinarity is rooted in disciplinarity. Anthropology is used in order to understand the present world as well as understanding people and the way they think. Anthropology uses many different disciplines than its own in order to gain new insight and helps anthropologists understand the way a certain society thinks and acts towards each other and other people (Eriksen, 3). Anthropology helps people to try and make sense of the world it is today by studying other societies in recent years as well as the history. Our understanding of…

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