Essay about The Foundations Of Art Education

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Shannon Gramitt
Foundations of Art Education
November 16th, 2014
Teaching Philosophy
One of my greatest strengths as an educator is developing a personal understanding of each of my students and tailoring my lesson plans to meet each of their unique needs while maintaining the goals and pace of the overall class. All students deserve individual attention in order to give students a sense of pride and allow their interest for art to grow. Because children are society‚Äôs future it is my duty, as a teacher, to guide students into growing as individuals. In order to do this I believe I must meet certain standards in order to be the best educator I can be. As a working artist I am secure in the subject matter I am teaching and I am willing to continuously self reflect and consistently evolve. As a teacher my goal is to share this process, focusing on subject matter in my area of expertise, using current teaching tools available. I strive to personally model this by using my professional experience in the real world, frequently incorporating current projects as they are presented to me, and continuously seeking new methods of processing and presentation. I strive to constantly be aware of learning, motivation, behavior, and development theories in order to relate to my students and push them to reach their full potential. Classroom organization is crucial to effective teaching. If students are in a classroom that is unorganized it hinders learning. Classroom management…

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