The Foundation For The Christian Belief And Worldview Essay

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Romans 1-8 sets the foundation for the Christian belief and worldview. Paul focuses on how the wrath of God will be upon those living in the flesh while the love of God will be upon those living in faith. For even though Christians sin, God has forgiven them and continues to love them. “One of the great truths of Scripture is that in spite of our sinfulness and rebellion, we are the objects of God’s divine love.” (Osborne, 34) The basis of the worldview of today’s society is found in selfishness while the basis of the worldview of Christian is found in the love and grace in Jesus Christ. The four components, found in Romans 1-8, that set the foundation for the different worldviews are the natural world, human relationships, culture, and human identity.
God has revealed himself through nature since the beginning of time. Creation has shown the splendor and glory of the creator. Everyone has seen creation and at one point in their life must have had a thought about an existence of a designer. Even atheists had to had a thought about God but are too prideful to admit it. Life is too complex to not truly think there is a possibility of a creator. “When one understands how DNA works, how cells function, indeed how a perfect baby comes into being through sperm and an egg, the reality of God becomes clearly seen.” (Osborne, 48) Creation displays God’s qualities and shows proof that he exists. Since God has made himself visible through creation, everyone is without excuse to…

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