The Foundation Financial Standing And Management Essay examples

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Lumina Foundation Financial Standing and Management Educational nonprofits in the United States exist in a space in which they may generate enormous change in the current culture. Educational nonprofits come in as the second most populous type of nonprofit in the United States, behind only religious organizations. Even with such prevalence, only a bit more than half of the nearly 212,000 educational nonprofit organizations operate in the financial space where the IRS Form 990 is required. (Internal Revenue Service, 2016)
Education nonprofits hold a somewhat oversized position in the United States. Due to the compulsory nature of primary and secondary education, and the attention given to postsecondary training and education over the last two decades, education nonprofits may impact a far larger population than initial investigation might suggest. Additionally, education nonprofits rarely remain focused strictly on delivery of mission services. Often, they reach outside the initial mission services into realms of training policy, networking and joint fund raising, all in efforts to enhance their primary goals. (McLeod Grant & Crutchfield, 2007) This accepted and acceptable addition of activities beyond the initial delivery of mission services generates a sector in which nonprofits may actively seek out changes in behaviors on the part of others, the influencing of governmental policies, massive research initiatives in support of their goals, and overlap into adjoining…

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