The Foster Care System During The Jamestown Colony Essay

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Envision turning eighteen years old and being forced to move out of the house away from the stability of parents. This is the case for many foster children; having to gather all of their items from the foster system and find somewhere else to live in one day. These children need guidance and support in finding a new place to live when they age out of the foster care system. The foster care system often times has detrimental effects on children and can affect children differently. There are many laws being written to help children transition out of the foster care system and become productive members of the society. Transitioning out of something you have known for so long is something difficult to do whether it is divorce, marriage, or additions to the family. Divorce, marriage, and aging out of foster care are some things no one can be truly prepared for, these are some of the most crucial and progressive segments in someone’s life (Child Welfare Information Gateway).
Foster care began in 1636, less than thirty years after the Jamestown Colony was founded and it began with a mission and it is stated in the following quote: “Foster care is intended to be a temporary safe living arrangement for children whose parents for some reason cannot adequately care for them. The goal is to find safe, permanent homes for foster children through reunification, adoption, or placement with a permanent legal guardian” (The National Voice of Foster Parents). Foster care is a thorough…

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