The Formation Of The New Country Essay

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The formation of the new country brought many controversial issues to the surface of the budding government. The end of the American Revolution marked the independence of the nation and the beginning of the country built on freedom, but there was a roadblock. How was the country going to be structured? The Americans had their eyes set on democracy, the idea that promised to ensure everything that they wanted in a country. However, democracy struggled to be defined as the members of the new country wrestled with its controversial components. Americans struggled to determine how the issues of liberty versus order, federal power versus state power, and freedom versus slavery and discrimination were going to be resolved. The final answer to the question that was democracy was balance. In order for the ideal of true democracy to be obtained, Americans found a balance between liberty versus order and federal power versus state power. Though it was not all success, the Americans, through the Civil War and western expansion failed to balance freedom versus slavery and discrimination; therefore, not allowing this issue to live up to the American ideal of democracy. The first issue that Americans sought to resolve was liberty versus order. Americans wanted freedom. This desire for freedom and without the oppressing yoke of an over-bearing government was one of the initiators of the American Revolution and lead to the new country. However, despite the desire for freedom, the country…

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