The Form Of Artwork On Vinyl Essay

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The form of artwork is a photographic silkscreen on vinyl. The size of the work is 112 x 112 inches or (284.48 x 284.48 cm), a perfectly square framed piece. The general composition of the artwork includes a closeup shot of a young woman 's profile (with a very neutral emotion) from the chin up, in front of a plain, bare background. The axis of this piece is vertical, since all lines in the framework go straight up and down. In regards to elements in this artwork, there are several forms. There are examples of line, because there are two thin stripes along either side of the piece. There is an example of shape/form of the actual woman’s face which is the central point of attraction in this piece. A large amount of space is being used in this artwork as well, which have both a negative and positive application. There is no intentional texture in this piece, however since this was photograph was done through a silkscreen process (printmaking technique), there is slight texture on the surface of the print. This was due to the mesh but, this would not be 3-dimensional texture to the touch. In terms of value, there is very dominant amount used in the piece, with a large variety of tones. The two most apparent forms of value is the lightest value: white and the darkest value: black. There also some shadows of grey distributed throughout the photograph. The colour of the font is white. Another strong colour and intense colour being used is red. This is shown on the background…

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