Essay about The Forgotten Group Member

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The Forgotten Group Member

GM591 Leadership and Organizational Behavior
Sunday, March 18, 2012

The case study of The Forgotten Group Member demonstrations in what manner teams separate due to an absence of communication. The case verifies that knowing how to lead a team is just as significant as being a part of the team. It is imperative to understand that not only does a leader have the responsibility to lead the team but the members have a responsibility to partake in order for the team effectively complete an assignment.
Part I: Group Development
Teams pass through numerous stages for example the forming, storming, norming, performing and adjourning stages. This particular case places the team within the storming
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Once she had a full understanding of the stages and process that it takes to have an efficient team she would have known how to properly handle the situation. When I mention properly handle the situation, I refer to the fact that she should have addressed the issue with Mike in a non-threatening environment. After communicating with Mike, Christina would have been aware of any essential skills that he is lacking or uncomfortable situations that are preventing quality work. At this point in time Christine could have re-evaluated the work and reintroduced the forming stages. Mike will once again be re-introduced to the team goals and realize his role on the team.
A different solution, not mentioned previously, would be Distributed Leadership. As per the course text, distributed leadership is the sharing of responsibility for meeting group task and maintenance needs. This involves having the leader, Christine, initiate discussions, clarifying issues, and sharing information while involving other team players. As outlined in the case, many team members were functioning fine, Mike was having trouble being able to meet deadlines and rarely let everyone know. This signals once again a communication problem. By having Christine reach out to Mike and his fellow team members, any issues that were apparent would be brought up and handled. In this case, Mike would have told

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