The For Women 's Suffrage Movement Essay

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Both sources contain information about the suffrage movement and give indications to the reasoning to the eventual granting of votes for women in 1918. However the both sources give two different indications to why votes were granted to women. To evaluate which source gives a more valuable reason different elements of the substance of the sources needs to be taken into account. Such as the author (Who wrote it), the tone, the audience it was intended for, and the time it was written.
Source A was written by the NUWSS (National Union of Women 's Suffrage Societies). The NUWSS was a none militant organisation, and not as extreme as their militant counterparts. This would indicate that the substance of the source is well informed and not driven so much by emotion but rather more by factual information, such as the statistic of 1 million women in the men 's workplaces. This in all would suggest that the source has more value and better explanation.
However, although the letter was formal and well informed. It is still unquestionably biased as it was written by a pro suffrage group. And does not take into account the opinions of their opponents. In turn this could make the statistics she presents questionable.
In contrast Source B was written by Emmeline Pankhurst. As she was head of the militant suffragette group (The WSPU) and the source is taken from an autobiography the relevance of the substance is questionable, and she doesn 't provide much evidence to what she claims…

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