Essay about The For The Second Statute Presentation

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For our second statute presentation we were assigned statutes 609.221 to 609.38 along with 626.8451(1)(a), 629.341, 518.B01, 609.749 and 609.2242. Since there are so many detailed statutes I will be giving a summary of them for the remainder of the paper and picking out the important statutes in my opinion. Not all of the statues are included in the remainder of the paper and many are in brief detail.
Minnesota statute 609.221 is assault in the first degree and the statutes continue down to fifth degree assault. First degree is the most serious offense compared to fifth degree, what makes first and fifth degree different is that great bodily harm or death of peace offer is first degree and fifth degree is when fear is caused with intent. Second degree assault is use of a deadly weapon and third degree assault is substantial bodily harm.
Minnesota statute 609.2232 talks about if an inmate commits any act of assault while incarcerated that he or she will serve a consecutive sentence. Statute 609.2241 is knowing transfer of communicable disease, which could or will cause serious illness or death if transferred. Statute 609.2242 is domestic assault which can be a misdemeanor, gross misdemeanor or felony depending on the severity of the crimes. Going along with domestic abuse statute 609.2243 talks about the sentencing and repeat domestic assault. A person who commits a gross misdemeanor could serve 20 days in jail compared to felony level domestic assault which could be 45…

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