Essay about The For The Presidential Election

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Many Millennials care about very important affairs in today’s ongoing world, such as economy, education, foreign policy, health care, and gun laws. However, only about 60 percent will be voting this year. Haltiwanger addresses Millennials that have the ability to vote in the 2016 presidential election. His purpose of the essay is to persuade Millennials to vote, because he feels Millennials “have the potential to make or break the 2016 presidential election” as well as change the way this country is being run. He addresses all of this by ethos, logos, and pathos sided with repetition, as well as cause and effect argumentation. The author takes advantage of statistical data from polls produced by Rock the Vote, an organization designed to get young people to vote, to establish ethos. Data from the polls have established how Millennials feel about voting and is as follows; only about 60 percent of them may vote in the general election, but “74 percent said it’s a responsibility”, however, a whopping 86 percent said they feel as if they are being ignored. He uses these statistics not only to establish credibility, but also to give a numerical overview of the issue at hand. He uses logos by stating the obvious. Millennials are the largest portion of this country and the most diverse in US history and if you don’t vote that is a definite way to ensure change won’t happen. As stated in the title, If Millennials Don’t Vote In 2016, They Can’t Complain about These 3 Things…

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