Essay about The For The Environment And Work Place Safety Regulations

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By making both documents mandatory, ACT Government is trying to promote sustainable well being of the environment and work place safety regulations.
Weighted Assessment criteria:
Past performance: 40% weightage is given on basis of past performance on completed aquatic centre projects. Preference is given on basis of delivery methodology, Innovation implementation, environmental management and safety. By giving high preference to all such factors, ACT Government wants to be ensuring to get the project finished on time with all possible means of sustainability. By putting environment management in assessment criteria, it shows that an individual who is compliance with all environmental laws and regulations ,using it in all processes and ensure that the project participants got maximum out of each activity, will be having much more chances for this project. Provision of such system that also monitors and identifies any environmental risks and also find the ways to deal with any problems to reduce pollution to the environment. Construction innovation is a process through which new concept changes into new factors of constructed items which is much more economical, practical and has professional value.
Technical, Managerial knowledge and Resources: 30% weightage is given to an individual who has much more levels of resourcing have more qualified people in the team. Project management structure and design management capability increases product modernization.
Design is very…

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