Essay The For More Or Less Change

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1) Write a paragraph or two arguing for more or less change in education. Specify what kind of changes you would recommend if you feel change is needed or specify what you would eliminate if less change is called for. Use personal examples as needed.

In Oakland, we had a great system I felt worked well. I was part of the pilot program. The way it worked was that teachers only taught till 1pm. They were required to work till 3:30pm, At 1:30pm students would take their elective courses. During that time (from 1:30 – 3:30pm), teachers either were in trainings, data cycles, or tutoring. For example: Mondays and Wednesdays teachers tutored, Tuesdays they had PLCs, Thursdays they had homework hall, and Fridays they had a rotating schedule of PDs. I felt that this was very successful. The school year was extended a bit to make up for some of the time loss, but overall teacher’s surveys were very positive. Not only did teachers end teaching early, but they spent great time working with other teachers and more tutoring that was data driven. I would suggest for districts to find times to provide these types of experiences for their students and teachers. Another option that can work is going to a year round school year. We know how much education students loose over the summer break. Districts need find ways reduce summer learning lost from students. These are two of my suggestions I think would help our public education system.

2) In your opinion, what really makes an activator an…

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