The For Effective Communication As A Nurse Essay

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Interactions between individuals, particularly in the healthcare setting, can be under stressful and challenging circumstances. Consequently, the demand for effective communication as a nurse is crucial and therefore, we as students must take time to learn in detail about communicating within the healthcare setting. By doing so, one can increase the likelihood of maintaining successful conversations in the work place with both clients and colleagues. In this paper, I will critique an interview I had with my client, Laura, regarding her habit of smoking and the struggles surrounding her ability to quit. I will discuss the motivational skills used throughout the interview as well as the specific areas in which I was successful or not successful in.
The first motivational interview (MI) skill I utilized was through displaying empathy as Laura disclosed personal information to me in regards to her aunt passing away after a battle with lung cancer. By saying, “that must have been challenging for you and your family to lose someone close. Tell me more about what that was like,” I was giving her the opportunity to express the feelings she was having as she began to cope with the loss of her family member. Laura proceeded to tell me that since the death, her family had become extremely concerned with the amount that she had been smoking, however, Laura didn’t identify it as a concern to her at this point in time and was unsure how she would quit if she even wanted to. By inquiring…

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