The For Becoming A Nurse Essay

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My road to becoming a nurse was both difficult and comedic; it was two years of school while still working, hours upon hours of going over material that you did your best to understand in class and cram before the exam-over and over again. Then there is the boring, long, hot, clinicals two to three days a week in those atrocious solid white scrubs that made you look and feel like you are a huge marshmallow, we called ourselves “Team Michelin”. We spent more time with each other than we did our own families. And a social life? Non-existent. Finally it’s Graduation Day, the culmination of all our hard work and dedication, what we have strived for since day one of nursing school. The Pinning Ceremony itself is very traditional with actual pinning of your Nurses Pin on you by one of your instructors, the Florence Nightingale type lamps that are lit by an instructor and then the flame is passed down the line from student to student until all the lamps are glowing, followed by the Nurses Oath. I got the privilege to light my best friend Emily’s lamp, it was joyous. And man were we glad to never, ever have to wear those clinical uniforms again! The next step is a grueling licensing exam; I walked out of the Nasa like testing facility knowing I had failed, and that was after I had an anxiety attack that almost incapacitated me, but in reality I had PASSED; I wouldn’t know this for three more nerve wracking days! My best friend Emily rode with me and told me afterwards…

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