The For African American Culture Essay

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The American experience has produced a unique struggle for African American women to produce their unique attractiveness aesthetically. In the United States, Afrocentric attractiveness standard has been picture – perfect. African American women have fashion with their own aesthetics and grow the very features that distinguished them from others. However, hair consistency is one and only, of the continuing obstacles on this journey to prompt an aesthetic that exemplifies all color, shape, size, and consistency. It is a topic apprehensive with government and passionate effects. Independence for the African American culture did the binary responsibility of capitalizing in two things to “repair” their Blackness, their otherness. Skin lightening and hair straightening were the dual cures. Skin lightening has intensely fallen out of top trends, and currently perceived as an ethically improper procedure of self-disgust. Nevertheless, getting different styles in the shop is still a thriving industry in African American societies. Of course, numerous African American ladies modify their hair composition by straightening. The default is for black ladies to either unnaturally or uncharacteristically modify their hair composition from an early age. This is due to the fact of regular hair conveys numerous negative undertones. I will analyze primary examination inquiry of how civilization has swayed African American ladies ' view of their distinguishing hair. Moreover, how has…

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