Essay about The For A Successful Launch Of Metabical

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As the Senior Director of marketing for Cambridge Sciences Pharmaceuticals, I am focused on a series of issues regarding the launch of Metabical. To ensure a successful launch, I, Barbara Printup prepared a report focusing on several questions concerning Metabical.
Current Weight Loss Options
Weight-loss options ranged from prescription drugs to over-the-counter (OTC) remedies to various diet and exercise plans. Metabical compares to current weight loss options with dual-layer, controlled-release formulation. There are two categories of current prescription diet drugs that includes appetite suppressants and fat-absorbing blockers. Additionally, the negative side effects of Metabical were similar to Orlistat, a prescription drug that blocks the body’s absorption of fat. Metabical is expected to compete in the prescription drug market however, the drug is most effective for overweight individuals and not obsess or morbidly obese individuals.
According to research, Alli was the only FDA approved drug for over-weight individuals. Alli was used as a block of the body’s absorption of fat which eventually led to weight loss. Although Alli was FDA approved, the drug had side effects that were medically dangerous to individual’s bodies.
Competitive Advantage
Metabical holds a very strong competitive advantage. It’s FDA approved and can be bought only through a prescription. There are less negative side effects as compared to other drugs that are available. Metabical requires that…

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