The For A Minimum Of Ten Days Essay

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I decided to record for a minimum of ten days the foods that my six-year-old son consumed and his physical activity. I took him to see a gastroenterologist on March first. He weighed only fourteen and half kilograms. The doctor wanted to try and get him to consume a least 1600 calories a day. This was the same recommendation that the MyPlan had for him. I was happy to see that after recording what he consumed for ten days that he averaged 1559 per day. I have two other children, so it’s easy for me to say that he very well might have eaten something without me knowing about it, thus not recording it. The doctor recommended we try pedisure to increase his caloric intake. The Supertracker program did not have this or other things that he eats so I had to get creative in my recording. I tried to get as close as I could for example, they did not have spaghetti O’s, but I was able to choose pasta with tomato sauce. His reports are likely not a hundred percent correct, but it definitely gives me an idea. It is difficult to get him to eat specific things, especially since the need for calories is critical. I want him to get the necessary calories needed for growing, without teaching him horrible eating habit like fast food for every meal. We as a family to get fast food, but I try to avoid places like McDonald’s every time we eat out. He was under for his status in every category except grains. He was still under for whole grains, which was one of our goals. I did…

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