The For A College Education Essay example

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Affording a college education can be quite difficult for a majority of people seeking higher learning. Although Financial Aid has been able to help millions of Americans pay for school, there is still a large number of people who are unable to receive its benefits, namely international students. As a result of this, many of them do not come to the United States for school, because it appears too daunting to pay. It is obvious that there would be a number of ramifications that would happen if the government lent money to every person who needed it for school, the answer to this problem, however, can be much simpler. Portraits of international students can be seen in the hallways of the first and second floor of the main building on campus, which represents one of ACC 's learning outcomes: Cultural Awareness. ACC wishes to "Identify, distinguish, or express a diversity of aesthetic, cultural, and historical perspectives," as stated in their Cultural Awareness Statement. It seems to be apparent that providing opportunities of learning to people from other countries is something the school supports.If Arapahoe Community College were to create a fund of some sort to aid international students, we believe this would be beneficial to the students, the school, and the community.
International students face many struggles when coming to the United States for their education including: adapting to the new culture, being away from things they are familiar with, and making new…

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