Essay about The Foods Of Processed Foods

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The increase in the range of processed foods has enabled the Australian consumer to increase the demand for foods that are faster and easier to prepare. (Worksheet given in class Changes in food supply) The sacrifice of the consumption of highly processed food products is that many nutrients are lost in preparation, cooking, packaging, storing and transportation. (Textbook) The processing also increases nutrients such as fat, sugar and salt. Examples of convenience foods are frozen, particularly attractive are frozen vegetables and main meal options such as lasagne, canned and bottled foods such as fruits, vegetables and sauces or dehydrated foods such as vegetables and fruits. Processing changes the foods nutritional value due to the peeling, cooking and chopping as well as the added ingredients. Canning is a great example as some vitamins are soluble in water, such as vitamin C, B1, B3, B6 and B12 and added ingredients such as sugar and salt, plus the loss of fibre in the cooking. Health experts say governments have failed to tackle Australia 's soaring rates of obesity, fearing the problem will only get worse unless the ‘healthy food star ' rating system is reinstated. The burden of diet-related diseases which is due to a poor diet…

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