Essay about The Food You Buy, And Buy Food

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“If you can’t feed a hundred people just feed one” (Mother Teresa). According to Jay Rayner this cannot be done and I agree. If we worry about everyone’s food individually we cannot feed the amount of people we are feeding today. “Learn the origins of the food you buy, and buy the food that is produced closet to your home. The idea that every locality should be, as much as possible, the source of its own food makes several kinds of sense” (Berry 12). To agree with Wendell Berry and watch where all our food comes from would be unimaginable to a certain extent. We can eat healthy, but it requires a longer work process, not to mention the amount it would take to harvest natural foods and process them into whole foods. Like Rayner says “… we will have to embrace unashamedly industrial methods of framing. We need to abandon the mythologies around agriculture, which take the wholesome of marketing of high-end food bands at face value …- and recognize that framing is really an industry, much like car manufacturing or steel forging, one which always works better on a mass scale, but which can still be managed sustainably” (Rayner 9). Industrial farming can be a good thing, but only to a certain extent. It still has its flaws. The idea of industrialized food is a beautiful concept, like getting large amounts of food to feed large amounts of people in a short time; it is the practice that needs more of a tweak to the system, like how the animals are treated. The industrial food…

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