The Food Products We Consume Are Made Up Of At Least One Ingredient

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The food products we consume are made up of at least one ingredient and, in the case of processed foods, individual ingredients are often quite numerous. In the interest of understanding the origins of just one ingredient, I looked to my favorite processed fitness supplement. I am personally very fond of physical activity and, subsequently, I have always valued protein in my diet. Protein is vital for maintaining the body’s metabolic functions and it also aids in muscle repair and growth. Because of its admirable properties, I regularly seek foods that are high in protein, and supplements are one reliable and affordable way to maximize protein intake. While I have tried countless protein supplements, Clif Builder bars stood out because of their great taste and the Cliff Bar company’s commitment to sustainability, which I perceived to be uncompromising and ethically sound. Going beyond the label, the number one ingredient in Clif Builders is soy protein isolate. In order to fully grasp the impact of my Clif Bar habit I have researched and analyzed all stages of soy protein isolate production. In this paper, I will examine the common production process of both non-gm (genetically modified) soybeans, like the specific soy found in Cliff Builder bars, and soy protein isolate, as well as the locations of and the time involved in soy protein isolate production. Furthermore, I will discuss the motives for soy protein isolate production as well as the advantages and…

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