The Food Of Chicken Production Essay

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Chicken Production
Many foods are important for the various functions in our body. Chicken specifically has many of these nutrients we need. However, chicken can also cause damage to our environment and our body. The way chicken is produced affects the way our body functions and reacts. The overconsumption of chicken leads to health risks, but the normal consumption of chicken gives us the daily vitamins and nutrients we need for our body to function correctly.
Chicken consumption has increased nearly every year since the 1960s. Our love for this type of meat has rapidly grown and changed the health for Americans today. But how is chicken produced? Commercial meat chickens are placed in large poultry sheds and fed “chicken starter”. Chicken starter is made up of 85-90% barley, grains, oats, soybean, and wheat. This feed along with grass and weeds help a healthy growth for a chicken. In addition, chickens are fed probiotics that affect the production. Probiotics are microbial feed supplements that affect an animal’s intestinal balance. On the other hand, they are also fed antibiotics, which can result in a negative way. For example, antibiotics such as chlortetracycline and procaine penicillin cause a strangely rapid growth rate and lower mortality rate. These chemicals can sometimes cause illness to anything that consumes it. It is clearly recorded that during the year of 2013, 38.4 billion pounds of chicken were produced. America is a big fan of this tasty type of meat!…

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