Essay on The Food Is An Unhealthy Commodity

815 Words Nov 27th, 2015 4 Pages
There are many in the United States that would never consider our food to be an unhealthy commodity, yet that is exactly what we call ultra processed food and drink. The advertising community would like us to think that the FDA has kept us all safe from the harmful affects of these products, but what really has happened is that our bodies were not designed to digest ultra processed food and drinks and therefore stores it as fat until it figures out what to do with it. This is why obesity grows within our children. Today, because of the unhealthy food we consume, the obesity rate in our children is about 20%, and it keeps rising. The people of the United States need to take a stand and take back the whole foods that have been stolen from us. It is only through whole and real foods that our bodies can function, as they should without packing on the weight. The first contributing factor to our children’s obesity problem is the replacement of real whole foods with ultra processed foods. The high energy density and the unfavorable nutrition of ultra processed foods have harmful affects on the eating and drinking behaviors of children. This indicates that governments and health authorities should use all possible methods, including legislature and statutory regulation, to halt and reverse the replacement of processed foods and process ingredients within our food. Without returning to real and whole foods are children’s health will continue to decline and we are seeing…

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