The Food And Drug Administration Essay

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The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is proposing the rule “Food Labeling; Revision of the Nutrition and Supplement Facts Labels”. This revision includes changes for the nutrition labeling of traditional foods and dietary supplements. It was created to provide updated nutrition information on labels and improve how the nutrition information is introduced to consumers. There have been many changes related to nutrition regulations, which include the format of nutrition labeling, the declaration of nutrients, and permit for particular specified products to be exempt from nutrition labeling.

What Problems the FDA Is Trying to Address

The FDA revised the rule to improve public health while incorporating the new nutrition recommendations to reduce the obesity and the risk of chronic diseases. One of the main reasons for the high rates of obesity and chronic diseases is the misunderstanding of the nutrition facts labels. According to the rule, the labels have a few issues. One of the problems is that the information is outdated. The FDA is proposing to update the nutrition facts label because the amounts of foods people are eating and drinking is different than 20 years ago when the rule was introduced (FOOD, 2014, page#). Labels are created for consumers to make informed choices for their individual diets. The FDA has not revised the rule since 2003 and has not established new or updated Daily Values for nutrients since 1995. According to the rule, new information has become…

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