Essay about The Follower Of King Messiah

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For the follower of King Messiah there comes some many forthright questions which need to be answered in the regards of revelation of the Bible, how the Bible was inspired,and what is the authority of the Bible. In other words: is the Bible speaking to me? How do I know the Bible is not just another document? Why should this old book have authority over me? These are valid questions which many believers today take for granted. Yet, the importance of these questions infect the life of the follower of King Messiah in ways which may be difficult to grasp.

What is revelation? I thought revelation was the last book of the Bible, you mean it is more? Revelation is how does or even can an almighty and unlimited being reveal itself to a less than mighty and listed human being?

People will often look at a sunset or flowers and make comments about beauty that had to be provided by G-d. This is what is known as general revelation. General revelation is revealed in the arts and beauty of the world. There is however, much more going on in the world than a simple area of water vapor hanging in the air and the sun being reflected through the water drop providing a colorful rainbow.

Another way in which a creative god-being could reveal itself itself is through the world around the person in more than just beauty. Science here provides a few clues. Many people are amazed by the simple giraffe with its long neck allowing it to reach leaves other animals cannot.…

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