Essay about The Folktale Godfather Death And Short Story

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The folktale Godfather Death and short story A&P both contain similarities and differences that are associated with a plot sequence. Both stories have a plot that tells the reader how the exposition of the story begins all the way to the resolution. The plots consist of main points that make up a story from beginning to end. By comparing and contrasting the two stories, one notices how both stories have things in common, and what they do not. Both Godfather Death and A&P have a specific plot theme, which allows one to see similarities and differences, in how the story arises and how it concludes. The exposition of the plot refers to the beginning of the story, which explains something about the subject, or explains what is happening. In the exposition of Godfather Death, it starts with a father trying to find his thirteenth son a godfather. Godfather Death starts off gradually leading into what is happening in one person’s life, and what they are going through, as in A&P it starts off with three girls that a young fellow, Sammy, is interested in. In the short story A&P, the exposition of the story starts right into what he is seeing. A&P did not lead up to anything, it jumps right into, “In walks three girls in nothing but bathing suits”(Updike 17), while Godfather Death begins saying, “A poor man had twelve children and had to work day and night just to give them bread”(Grimm 12). Both stories start off with the characters godfather and Sammy trying to get what they are…

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