The Fog Of War By Robert Mcnamara Essay

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The film, The Fog of War, is about a life experience of Robert McNamara who is a former Secretary of Defense, President of Ford Motor Company , and President of World Bank. McNamara reflects back on his life and shares 11 lessons he had learned as he lived and served during one of the most dark times of human history. He aims to show
McNamara describes the event of Cuban Missile Crisis to demonstrate how opposing nations can come to an agreement without resorting to a war that could potentially destroy cities and nations. He asserts the importance of showing empathy towards an enemy and states, “ We must try to put ourselves inside their skin and look at us through their eyes, just to understand the thoughts that lie behind their decisions and their actions.” His lesson closely matches with Constructivist explanation of international relations which emphasizes the role of ideas and values in decision making process. Empathy allows states to see their enemy’s ideas and values, so that they can implement effective foreign policies in accordance with what ideas that their enemy regard as valuable . According to Noam Chomsky, Bush administration members assumed that “Iraqi people wanted democracy and would be able to achieve that goal if only Saddam Hussein, the major obstacle to democracy, was removed from power with U.S assistance”( How the World Works, 24). In 2003, their belief led President Bush to declare war on Iraq. Saddam Hussein had been assassinated in the same…

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