The Foes Of The Great Depression Essay

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The Foes of the Great Depression Imagine a family that barely has a sufficient amount of food or water to live on. Imagine this family’s parent attempting to get a job to make money, but they cannot. Now, imagine this situation happening to millions of families across America. The very thought is devastating. However, two leaders rose up to try to fix this problem. Herbert Hoover and Franklin D. Roosevelt used different economic and domestic policies during their presidency to reach a common goal: conclude the Great Depression. Herbert Hoover came in as president with many ideas in mind to change the economic state the country was in. Herbert Hoover was the 31st President of the United States and served from 1929-1933.(4) Hoover entered office at a vile time because the stock market crashed early in his presidency. His inaugural address seemed to ensure prosperity in the near future, yet within months of his presidency the stock market crashed. Herbert entered office and became the leader of the nation that was on the brink of collapsing. The nation then further spiraled down into depression because of the stock market crashing. Hoover was president during the Great Depression, which started a few months after he was elected into office. However, Herbert was determined to fix the problem. Domestically, Hoover went out of his way to organizations and businesses to change their ways for the benefit of all. Based on his actions, it was evident that Herbert was a strong…

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