Essay about The Focus On Progressive Education

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The focus on Progressive Education varies amongst the masses with some people depending on the unique needs of each individual student, while others see the importance of community leadership to be the most important; this style of learning, known as child-centered learning, is a process similar to a journey rather than a set goal. Its primary focus is hands-on learning, multiage classrooms, and mentoring apprentice relationships. Progressive educators are concerned with helping students not just become good leaders but just good citizens in general. With emphasis on community comes collaboration that creates more of a need for “working with” rather than a “doing to” model. Progressive education is organized around creating a deep understanding for the students in active learning environments that are centered on problems, projects, and questions. Progressive educators want to take the students seriously moving forward to educate them properly all while teaching them valuable lessons that exude the school house and pour out into their communities.
Social Reconstructionism focuses on solutions for the homeless and those less fortunate in society. It places emphasis on “the addressing of social questions and a quest to create a better society and worldwide democracy.” Educators that believe in this theory adhere to a curriculum that highlights social reform as the primary purpose of education. Social Reconstructionism evolved as a reaction against the harsh realities of World…

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