The Flowers Of The Garden Essay

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GT Scented Flowers

The garden experience can reach all of the senses, but my favorite is scent. Among hosts of other pleasant garden aromas, some of the first to come to mind are those of flowers. The thing is, not all flowers offer a scent. If you are gardening just for the smell of it, here is my top ten wonderful scented flowers.

This purple beauty has an almond-y scent. Some say it smells like cherry pie! Heliotrope is an annual that prefers full sun but will tolerate afternoon shade if grown in an area with hot summers. They bloom from summer until fall and add a beautiful pop of color and fragrance mixed in an annual garden.

Sweet alyssum
These delicate tiny flowers have a subtle, sweet scent. They are a cheery plant and really do not need much to remain happy. Give them well drained soil, a bright location and they will reward you with a carpet of natural perfume all summer long.

They might be grocery store bouquet staple, but these hardy flowers have a pleasant spicy, clove like scent. They hold up well as cut flowers which is why they are favorites of florists. They’re available in white, pink, purple, yellow and red. You can grow this annual from seed in the spring to summer in well drained, sunny spot in your garden. They will give you plenty of continuous blooms all season long.

Scented Geranium
Although these beauties are known for their attractive blooms, it’s the leaves of scented geranium that gives them their famous aroma.The plants…

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